About the SAH Graduate Student Blog

We have created this blog in response to the graduate student roundtable at the SAH Annual Meeting in Pasadena in April 2009.  It will serve as a forum for news, events, and communication between graduate student members of the Society of Architectural Historians. This is a first iteration of this type of resource for graduate students, and we hope that with your use of the site that it will grow and develop into a comprehensive resource for graduate student members of SAH and graduate students in architectural history.  

If you have information that you would like to have posted on the site (i.e. lecture or symposium announcements) please email them to SAHGradStudentBlog@gmail.com.  You are welcome to post comments on the blog’s pages or individual posts, but please email us if you want content posted on the site.

Additionally, if you have questions or comments about Graduate Students and SAH, please contact Michael Waters (PhD candidate, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU), the Graduate Student Representative on the Society’s board, at Michael.Waters1@gmail.com

Contact Information:

Emily Chace MorashSAH Grad Student Blog Editor

PhD Candidate, Brown University, Department of the History of Art and Architecture
SAHGradStudentBlog@gmail.com (for blog related emails) or Emily_Morash@brown.edu


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