Posted by: sahgradstudentblog | September 1, 2009

SAHARA Update from SAH Newsletter

SaharaUpdate on SAHARA from Pauline Saliga:

With nearly 11,000 digital images housed in SAHARA, SAH would like to thank all who have generously shared images thus far and to encourage every SAH member to upload photographs taken during fellowships, on summer research trips, and even while on architecturally-oriented vacations.

We would like to acknowledge the three architectural historians who have contributed the most digital images since SAHARA went live on April 1, 2009. They are: Peter Clericuzio of University of Pennsylvania with nearly 500 images; Lisa Schrenk of Norwich University with nearly 300 images; and Michael Waters of the Institute of Fine Arts with nearly 100 images. Our hats are off to you for your generosity. Please continue uploading those great images.

All SAH members may upload new images to share and preserve in long-term storage. You also may view and download your colleagues’ images for teaching and research. Simply go to Go to the log in tab. Enter your email address and your password (your SAH membership number preceded by 00, e.g., 0012345). Then you’re all set to upload and download SAHARA images. Try it. We think you’ll like it.


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